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Améo Essential Oils

Améo Essential Oils, assist the body in similar goals. People have used essential oils for centuries for a variety of ailments for themselves as well as for their pets. Do you get colds and flus frequently? Sore muscles after exercising? Essential oils can be used for building your immunity, relaxation, emotional wellness, and general overall health.

Although there are no government regulations for grading essential oils, Améo Essential Oils meet or exceed the same quality standards used for scientific research in double blind studies published in PubMed, thus Améo Essential Oils are referred to as clinical grade essential oils. Améo goes above and beyond by publishing all the testing done on each and every batch of oil. They have proven the quality and efficacy of their oils with a patent pending system that shows the oils are cell active and permeable. Améo continues to do research to improve the way oils work in the body, for example, the discovery of super carrier oils. Améo Essential Oils are truly a quantum leap beyond any other oils on the market today.  You may order products and learn more at: My Améo Essential Oils website

I would love to speak with you about how Core Synchronism and Améo Essential Oils can improve YOUR life.  Please feel free to contact me.

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