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About the Practitioner

I have been practicing the healing arts, professionally and/or personally, since 1979. Initially, I studied massage with a number of teachers and practitioners, including Esalen and Swedish style massage, Myofacial Release, Shiatsu, and deep tissue work.

I quickly expanded my practice to include a variety of energy healing modalities. Among others, my education included classes in:

  • Polarity Therapy with Pierre Pannetier, ND;
  • Authentic Reiki ®The Radiance Technique ® Level I with Barbara Weber Ray. Ph.D.;
  • Touch for Health Level I.
  • Conscious Breathing (aka Rebirthing) with Leonard Orr, Phil Laut, Dianne Hinterman and many others;
  • Quantum Touch Level I.

My studies culminated in my developing an energy healing technology, which was, for a number of years, was the center of my practice.

After several years of non-touch energy work, I elected to attend the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics (NMSNT), an institution established in 1974. There I found a broad-based curriculum which included:

Therapeutic Massage; Swedish Massage; Non-Specific Stretches; Myofascial Release; Polarity Therapy; Anatomy and Physiology; Chinese Medicine and Acupressure; Herbal Medicine; Foot  Reflexology; Shiatsu; Living Foods Nutrition; Flower Remedies (Bach and Stevens); Ethics and Emotional Support Skills; Business Procedures and Professional Ethics; Philosophy of Natural Therapeutics; Basic Homeopathy; Introduction to Core Synchronism; Introduction to Cranial-Sacral Therapy; Essential Oils; and Hydrotherapy.

I received a Diploma in Natural Therapeutics and Massage Therapy upon completion of the 6-month, 800 hour program at NMSNT. 

Immediately upon graduation, I enrolled in the intensive six level Core Synchronism (Core) training.  Core combines physical palpation (touch) of the body and the energy field. I was most impressed by its efficacy in affecting my own health and by the reports I heard from other recipients of Core sessions. I was awarded Certification in Core Synchronism after completing the entire program, studying directly with Robert Stevens, NTS, ND, CCSP, the practitioner who formulated the method.  More information about Core may be found on the official Core Synchronism website:

At this time, I primarily work with Core Synchronism and the modality I developed.  Although Core Synchronism does not require licensing in most states, and the modality I developed does not require licensing, I currently hold massage licenses in the State of New Mexico (LMT#7519) and the State of Maine (#MT5010).  I see clients in Massachusetts, and periodically in New Mexico.  Much of my practice at this time is remote (long distance) via phone. 

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