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     I first met Miriam Kligerman in 2002 when I was suffering from fatigue syndrome after an allergic reaction to anesthesia. Although at the time, some of her techniques were considered “fringe” even for holistic medicine, I received immediate benefits in the form of pain relief and increased energy and concentration. I would also like to mention that I admired her for the courage to do work that is now more mainstream in a professional way that encourages confidence and trust in what she is doing.
     Ms. Kligerman gives the impression immediately upon meeting her that she is very intelligent and portrays painstaking thoroughness in her analysis and treatment regimes. I was recently treated by her again in the summer and fall of 2012 for a very painful tumor in my left knee. The origin of the problem was mechanical stress and I was hoping to get relief along with other conservative modalities to avoid a prescribed knee replacement surgery. While still an intern in school, she had already mastered her Core Synchronism technique so well that every time I walked out of the clinic I went from constant pain to “pain free”. It was her treatment combined with other modalities which have allowed me to return to sports again with no surgery.
     I believe her dedication to her work along with her discipline in extra education and certifications which keep adding to her knowledge and experience of many years makes her noticeably a cut above the rest in professionalism as well as results.
     Dr. Nancy North, DC, CCSP, CCEP, Albuquerque, NM

     I had my first core treatment with Miriam yesterday and it was a sublime experience! After the treatment I felt so relaxed, as if I had just received a deep tissue massage - I could have easily fallen asleep on the table but as soon as I sat up, I felt refreshed and alert. My body was quiet and my mind clear. 
     I went in to see Miriam for some self-indulgence before the holidays without any specific ailments, but Miriam narrowed in on several areas of my body that I wasn't even aware weren't functioning at their best. She spent extra time working on my shoulders, knees, kidneys, and digestion and even a day after my treatment, I can still feel the effect it's had on my metabolism! I feel like my body is functioning with renewed vigor, and it feels great. Miriam is a wonderful person to spend time with and I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't enjoy the effects of core synchronism!
     Katie Baumgart, Licensed Massage Therapist, Albuquerque, NM

     I can heartily endorse Miriam Kligerman's work in Core Synchronism. I have had a pain in my hip for over 5 years, which no doctor had been able to relieve, except with heavy-duty pain killers. They dismissed the problem as natural at my age (89)! I felt an immediate improvement after one treatment. After three, I was able to walk a mile with no discomfort. As long as I keep up my stretching routine, I am able to enjoy walking again. In addition, after 5 treatments, I experienced an improvement in my general well-being, and rarely have to use sleep aids any more.
     Shirley Mitchell Farmer, Retired MFCC, Hudson, MA

     I have received a lot of different kinds of bodywork over the years. I have mostly enjoyed massages and get a lot of benefit from them. I have tried various types of energy work from different therapists and have never really felt much of anything. I have had two Core sessions with Miriam. After the first one, I can't say that my experience was very profound, but it was VERY relaxing and I felt more grounded afterward. I have been pretty stressed out lately, and calming down was really helpful. After the second one, I felt very relaxed again and much more grounded. She worked on my digestion problems and I noticed that afterwards I felt tired and a little spacey. My digestive issues bothered me all day and I continued to be tired. I went home and took a bath with Epsom salts and lavender as she suggested. She told me that this all was a good sign meaning that things had shifted and moved in my Core and that I should continue to see improvement in the days to come. If I can say one thing, I would say that I was definitely more relaxed and calm after the session. I plan to continue to do more Core sessions with Miriam.
     Sheryl Arndt-Mwangi, Housing Counselor, Albuquerque, NM

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